The Jeju Forum started as a regional multilateral dialogue for promoting peace and prosperity in East Asia. The Forum serves as a platform for world leaders and other high-profile participants to discuss and share visions on various issues in the region. It provides profound insights into the world and contributes to cooperation and development in Asia.

Host: Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, International Peace Foundation, East Asia Foundation, JoongAng Ilbo 
Organizer: Jeju Peace Institute
17:20 ~ 18:40 [10-F] Carbon-Free Island, Jeju, Quo Vadis?
제주카본프리 아일랜드, 쿼바디스?
[Jeju Development Institute(JDI)]

In this session, the panelists will discuss vision and strategy of “Carbon-Free Island 2030” which has been prepared by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province since 2012. Varied arguments searching for a way to make Jeju a global model for carbon-free island will be on the floor following recent environmental policy changes ensued by ‘Spread of Carbon-Free Island Model (2015 Paris Climate Conference),’ ‘Pushing ahead of Jeju Carbon-Free Island Model(Korean Government Report, 26th Jan., 2016).’

이 세션에서는 2012년부터 제주특별자치도가 정부에 제안하여 추진돼 온 ‘카본 프리 아일랜드 2030’ 계획의 비전과 전략에 대해 논의한다. ‘카본 프리 아일랜드 모델 확산(‘15.11.30, 파리 기후총회)’, ‘제주 탄소제로섬 모델 추진(‘16.1.26, 정부 업무보고)’ 등 최근 정책 여건 변화에 따라 본 세션에서는 제주가 향후 세계적인 모델로 성공하기 위한 다양한 논의가 진행된다.

File 10f-제주 카본프리 아일랜드, 쿼바디스.pdf
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KANG Jin-yong

KANG Hee-chan

KIM Tae-yoon

PARK Chang-seok

BYUN Byeong-seol

LEE Young-ung