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WON Heeryong
Jeju Special Self-
Governing Province
Organizing Committee
CHO Hyun
Chairman, International
Peace Foundation /
2nd Vice Minister
of Foreign Affairs
SONG Seok-eon
Jeju National University
JUN Sung-tae
Vice Governor,
Jeju Special Self-Governing
LEE Gwang Hee
Chairman, Jeju Free
International City
Development Centre
Kim Dohyung
Chairman, Northeast Asian
History Foundation
KIM Joon
Board of Trustee,
East Asia Foundation
SUH Chung Ha
Executive Chairman,
Jeju Forum for Peace &
Prosperity / President,
Jeju Peace Institute
MA Young-sam
Jeju International
Training Center
LEE Sihyung
Korea Foundation
1989, Graduated from the Seoul National University School of Law 
1995-98, Public prosecutor of Seoul, Busan and two other cities
Since 2000, Twelve years as a member of the National Assembly 
2003, Master’s in New media, Graduate School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Hanyang University
2006, Awarded as a Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum
2007, Honorary doctorate in Political Science, Jeju National University
2010-11, The Secretary General of The Grand National Party (current New Frontier Party) in South Korea
Since July 2014, Governor, Jeju Province 
Feb. 1980 B.A. in Political Science and Diplomacy, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
Aug. 1993 M.A. in International Relations, Columbia University, New York, U.S.A.
Aug. 2000 M.A. in International Political Science, School of Political Science, Paris, France
Dec. 2008 Ph.D. in International Politics, University of Toulouse, Toulouse, France

Jul. 1979 Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
May. 2003 Senior Assistant Secretary, Office of the President
Jul. 2004 Director-General, International Economic Affairs Bureau, MOFAT
Feb. 2006 Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative, Korean Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York, U.S.A.
Mar. 2008 Ambassador for Energy and Resources, MOFAT
Dec. 2009 Deputy Minister for Multilateral and Global Affairs, MOFAT
Mar. 2011 Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Austria and Permanent Mission to the International Organizations in Vienna
Mar. 2014 Visiting Professor, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, Korea
Oct. 2015 Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of India
Jun. 2017 2nd Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
- Chung-ang University, Faculty of Law, LL.B (March 1978 – Feb 1984), LL.M (March 1984 – Feb 1986), LLD (March 1987-Aug 1994)
- Professor, Faculty of Law, Jeju National University (March 1995 ~Feb 2018)
- Member of the Executive Committee to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Jeju National University (April 2001 ~ March 2003)
- Director of Jeju International Free City Legal Services Training Agency (May 2005 ~ Sep 2006)
- Member of the Personnel Committee of Jeju National University (Nov 2006 ~ Nov 2008)
- Head of Law & Policy Institute, Jeju National University (Nov 2007 ~July 2008)
- Director of Law School, Jeju National University (March 2009 ~Feb 2011)
- Chairman of Jeju National University Council (Nov 2012 ~ Oct 2014)
- President of the 6th Professor’s Association of Jeju National University (Nov 2012 ~ Oct 2014)
- Member of Appeals Commission of the Education Office at the Jeju Special Self-governing Province (March 2015 ~Present)
- Member of Public Interest Committee of the Regional Labor Relations Commission of the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province (July 2016 ~ Present)
- The 10th Jeju National University President (Feb 2018 ~ Present)
Master’s degree in Public Administration from Syracuse University, USA
Bachelor’s in Law from Korea University, ROK
2009-2010, Director of the Personnel Management, Ministry of Public Administration and Security
2010-2013, Director-General of the Economy & Investment Department, Kyonggi Province
2013-2015, Director of the Organization Policy Bureau, Ministry of Security and Public Administration
2015- 2016, Director-General of the Planning & Coordination Bureau, Ministry of the Interior
Feb. 2016-Dec. 2016, Direct-General of the Creative Government & Organizing Management Office, Ministry of the Interior
Since December 2016, Vice governor for Administrative Affairs, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
1973, Hanyang Technical High School
1975-1987, Action Officer, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
1984, BS in Computer Science and BA in Business Administration, Dongguk University
1987, MS in Urban Planning, Seoul National University
1987-1996, Researcher, Tourism Research Lab, Korea Transport Institute
1996-2006, Team Leader of Tourism Research Lab, Korea Culture and Tourism Institute
2000-2002, Head of Tourism Promotion Office, Korea Ceramic Foundation
2002-2005, Development Initiatives Head and Vice Chairman, Jeju Free International City Development Center
2009-2015, Department Head, Administration Office, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation; Director, Namhansanseong Culture & Tourism Initiatives
2013-2016, Adjunct professor, Department of Culture and Art Tourism, University of Seoul
Since 2016, Chairman of Jeju Free International City Development Centre
- 1972~1976 B.A. in Korean History, Seoul National University, Korea
- 1976~1979 M.A. in History, Yonsei University, Korea
- 1979~1989 Ph.D. in History, Yonsei University, Korea
- 1981~2000 Professor, Dept. of History, Keimyung University
- 2002~2005 Member of the Initial Korea-Japan Joint History Research Committee
- 2004~2005 President, Korean History Research Society
- 2005~2006 Committee Member, Presidential Commission on True History for Peace in Northeast Asia
- 2007~2010 Member of the Secondary Korea-Japan Joint History Research Committee
- 2010~2012 Chairman, Advisory Committee of Northeast Asian History Foundation
- 2000~          Professor, Dept. of History, Yonsei University
- 2017.11~    President, Northeast Asian History Foundation
1986, Graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Korea University.
1992, Ph.D in Chemistry, Brown University.
Since March 2007, President and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Kyungbang Ltd.
Since January 2005, Board of Trustee, East Asia Foundation.
Since March 2006, Board of Trustee, East Asia Institute.
1978. Graduated Seoul National University.
1983, Graduated from the Johns Hopkins University and Master’s in International Public Policy.
2003, Minister, Embassy of the Republic of Korea and Permanent Mission of the Republic of Korea to the International Organizations in Vienna, Austria.
2007, Dean of Education and Training, Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security(IFANS), MOFAT.
2008, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Hungary.
2013, Ambassador to Singapore.
Since November 2016, President, Jeju Peace Institute
1979, Graduated from the Department of Political Science and International Relations, Korea University
1987, Graduated from the Graduate School of Georgetown University, Washington D.C.,
1981, Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (The 15th Foreign Service Exam)
1999, Director, Planning and Research Division, Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security MOFAT
2005, Head, Korean Representative Office in Ramallah, Palestine
2008, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the State of Israel
2011, Ambassador for Public Diplomacy
2014, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Kingdom of Denmark
Since Feb. 2017, Director, UNITAR CIFAL Jeju/Jeju International Training Center
1979, Graduated from Seoul National University, major in International Relations.
1980, Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2006-2009, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Poland.
2010, Chief of Protocol in the Presidential Committee, G20 Seoul Summit.
2011-2013, Deputy Minister for Trade in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
2013-2015, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Korea to the OECD.
Since May 13, President, Korea Foundation.

SUH Chung Ha
Jeju Peace Institute
Executive Committee
Name Title
KANG Kun-Hyung Professor, Jeju National University
KIM Gwangje Director for Public Diplomacy on Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea
CHANG Se Yun Research Fellow, Northeast Asian History Foundation
OH Hyungse Head, Globalization Support Department, Jeju Free International City Development Center
KIM Namjin Director, Peace and International Affairs Division, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
AHN Chak Hee Director of Global Affairs Team, The JoongAng Ilbo
KIM Hongdu Director-General, Culture, Sports & International Affairs Bureau, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
OH Ryong Director-General, Secretariat of the Jeju Forum
LEE Hongpyo Editor, Hankyung Business
CHOI Jae Jin Office Manager of Personnel Interchange, Korea Foundation
HAN In Taek Director of Research Department, Jeju Peace Institute
HONG Hyung Taek Secretary General, East Asia Foundation


Name&Position Contact Email
OH Ryong, Director-General
오룡 사무국장
YANG Youngsik, Team Manager
양영식 총괄팀장
KO Jeongseon, International Cooperation Manager
고정선 대외협력 팀장
LEE Junsung, Planning Manager
이준성 기획팀장
JEONG Hyeonjeong, Programme Officer
정현정 P.O
LEE Eunmee, Programme Officer
이은미 P.O
KIM Zeewon, Program Officer
김지원 P.O
KIM Hyeonju, General Affairs
김현주 총무

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