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  • Joe CLARK
    Former Prime Minister of Canada
    조 클라크 전 캐나다 총리
    Keynote during the Opening Ceremony 2015
    (제10회 포럼 기조연설中)
    This is a troubled time, when much of the world is tempted to turn inward. Yet the Jeju spirit is to reach outward, and to encourage different countries, with different capacities, to face rising challenges -- and to face them together -- making the Asia-Pacific region as a whole much stronger
  • Gerhard SCHROEDER
    Former Chancellor of Germany
    게르하르트 슈뢰더 전 독일 총리
    Keynote during the Opening Ceremony, 2015
    (제10회 포럼 기조연설中)
    The current crises show that we have to reroute our course; it’s time for us to have sustainable future. We must all work together to master the current global challenges. The key mission of the Jeju Forum is to promote peace and common prosperity in East Asia through multilateral cooperation. The tests we are facing require a strong...
  • Susilo Bambang YUDHOYONO
    Former President of Indonesia
    수실로 밤방 유도요노 전 인도네시아 대통령
    Keynote during the Opening Ceremony, 2015
    (제10회 포럼 기조연설中)
    I must admit that when I left the Presidential office last year, I too was very concerned to see the unravelling of stable relations among the major powers, after 2 decades of relatively cooperative relationships. There is possibility that this geopolitical downturn will complicate the already tricky flash points in our region...
  • BAN Ki-moon
    UN Secretary General
    반기문 UN사무총장
    Video Messages, 2015
    (제10회 포럼 영상메세지中)

    Many Asian countries have stressed education for phenomenal economic growth. Some say the 21st century will be the era of Asia and the Pacific. Northeast Asian countries are the key
    to promoting cooperation across the region.
  • Salam FAYYAD
    Former Prime Minister of Palestine
    살람 파야드 전 팔레스타인 총리
    Congratulatory Remarks, 2014
    (제9회 포럼 축사中)
    The world order is changing, but this order, that is, the new world order, does not adequately reflect this change as it ought to. Indeed, it needs to reflect the current relationship between power and architecture in the world. The longer it takes to reflect these things, the longer it will take to establish a global order.
  • LI Zhaoxing
    Former Foreign Minister of China
    리자오싱 전 중국 외교부장
    Keynote during the Opening Ceremony, 2014
    (제9회 포럼 기조연설中)
    We should intensify dialogue and consultations and deepen mutual trust, with a view to jointly safeguarding Asia’s security and stability. Secondly, we should push forward regional cooperation and deepen economic and trade ties, with a view to jointly promoting regional development and prosperity.
  • Julia GILLARD
    Former Prime Minister of Australia
    줄리아 길라드 전 호주 총리
    Keynote during the Opening Ceremony, 2014
    (제9회 포럼 기조연설中)
    Australia and Korea are such good friends. We have deep and rich ties. As Prime Minister I visited Korea three times, including in 2011 to mark the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the Republic of Korea and Australia and the 60th anniversary of the battle of Kapyong, a hard fight in a costly war.
  • Yukio HATOYAMA
    Former Prime Minister of Japan
    하토야마 유키오 전 일본 총리
    Keynote during the Opening Ceremony, 2013
    (제8회 포럼 기조연설中)
    The keyword in the development of human civilization is not conflict but collaboration. Now is the time for Japan to adopt an appropriate diplomatic approach and begin working together with South Korea and China to achieve the grand vision of an East Asia Community.
  • Mahathir bin MOHAMAD
    Former Prime Minister of Malaysia
    마하티르 모하마드 전 말레이시아 총리
    Keynote during the Opening Ceremony, 2013
    (제8회 포럼 기조연설中)
    I hope that we all give some time to think about this, making war a crime, so that we will not waste the lives of our young, so that we will not kill so many people, but instead, we should be very wealthy ? because the money that today is being spent on weapons would be spent on the welfare of humanity.
  • JUNG Hongwon
    Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea
    정홍원 국무총리
    Keynote during the Opening Ceremony, 2013
    (제8회 포럼 기조연설中)
    Since its establishment in 2001, the Jeju Forum has grown into an important forum that seeks peace and mutual prosperity in Asia. I anticipate lively discussions on Asia’s role in the rapidly changing world and measures for international cooperation, under the theme “New Waves in Asia.” In the rapidly changing international order, Asia’s role is...
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