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[Newsletter Vol. 12] Jeju Forum 2019 Slated for May 29-31 2018-09-28
작성자  |  제주포럼

Jeju Forum 2019 Slated for May 29-31

The 14th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity will be held at the International Convention Center 
Jeju for three days from May 29-31, 2019. The Jeju Forum Secretariat confirmed the schedule for 
next year and announced it to related organizations at home and abroad.

The Secretariat will start discussions on the main theme for the 14th forum by hosting the second 
meeting of the Global Advisory Committee on Oct. 19 in Beijing, China. The Committee held its 
inaugural meeting during the 13th Jeju Forum in June to discuss the forum’s vision. 

Based on the discussions at the second meeting of the Committee, the Secretariat will select the 
main theme of the 14th forum at the first meeting of the agenda council in early November.   

The Committee was established to raise the international profile of the forum by providing a timely 
platform to exchange views on global issues. Joined by diplomatic and security experts from eight 
countries, including Korea, the U.S., Japan and China, the Committee meets twice a year to discuss 
the path of the Jeju Forum.

Chaired by Kim Sung-hwan, a distinguished professor at Hanyang University and former minister 
of foreign affairs and trade, the Committee is comprised of 12 distinguished experts in diplomacy 
and security affairs. They are Moon Chung-in, special advisor to the President for unification and 
national security; Chang Daljoong, professor emeritus at Seoul National University; Gi-Wook Shin, 
director of the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University; John G. 
Ikenberry, Albert G. Milbank professor at Princeton University; Yan Xuetong, dean of the Institute 
of International Relations at Tsinghua University; Masao Okonogi, professor emeritus, Keio 
University; Yoriko Kawaguchi, former Japanese minister of foreign affairs; Gareth Evens, former 
Australian minister of foreign affairs; Marty Natalegawa, former Indonesian minister of foreign 
affairs; Shivshankar Menon, former Indian national security adviser; and Bilahari Kausikan, former 
permanent secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Singapore.