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[Newsletter Vol.11] The Power of Collective Intelligence for Peace Process on the Korean Peninsula 2018-08-01
작성자  |  제주포럼

The Power of Collective Intelligence
for Peace Process on the Korean Peninsula

We express our deep gratitude to those who attended and actively participated in the 13th 
Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity, held from June 26 through June 28.

Under the theme of “Reengineering Peace for Asia,” this year’s Forum focused on viable and 
reasonable measures to establish peace on the Korean peninsula after the historic summit 
talks in April. A total of 5,556 people from 71 countries around the world, with backgrounds 
as diverse as world leaders, former and incumbent government officials, representatives of 
international organizations, renowned scholars, entrepreneurs, members of the diplomatic 
corps and journalists, participated in six plenary sessions and sixty-five concurrent sessions in 
five categories, namely peace, prosperity, sustainability, diversity and global Jeju, as well as 
many other events, including the inaugural meeting of the Global Advisory Committee.

WON Heeryong, chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Jeju Forum, stressed the role 
of the Forum, stating, “It is high time the Fourm served as a global peace platform for re-
engineering peace in Asia, particularly amid growing expectations for peace on the Korean 
peninsula as well as in Asia after the inter-Korean and the U.S.-North Korea summit talks.” In 
his keynote speech at the opening ceremony, Prime Minister LEE Nak-Yon said, “The 
incipient Korea Peace Process is an unexplored, if not unimagined, path,” and that “the 
Korean government has a high hope of turning the Korean peninsula, the last remnant of 
the Cold War, into the starting point for world peace.” 

At this year’s Forum, the Secretariat hosted the inaugural general assembly of the Global 
Advisory Committee joined by 12 distinguished figures from home and abroad. Organized to 
give a timely response to global issues and strengthen global networks, the Committee will 
also offer advice on the Forum’s themes, as well as recommend and select speakers and 
discussants, etc.

We promise that the Jeju Forum will continue to make utmost efforts to perform the role as 
“global peace platform.” We’d like to ask for your continued support for and attention to 
the Forum so that the 14th Forum next year may continue its function as a platform for 
“collective intelligence.” We once again express our sincere appreciation to all of you.