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[Newsletter Vol.10] The ‘Echo of Peace’ Resonating Through Jeju Island 2018-06-25
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The ‘Echo of Peace’ Resonating Through Jeju Island
JDC Peace Concert to Celebrate Jeju Forum on June 28

A Peace Concert for the 13th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity will be held at the 
International Convention Center Jeju in Seogwipo City at 8:00 p.m. on June 28, the last day 
of the Forum. Pop singer Kang San Eh, “Jeju Boy,” Oh Yeon Joon, Jerazin Singers, and Jeju 
Provincial Seogwipo Wind Orchestra will feature the concert under the theme of “Peace on 
the Korean Peninsula.” 

Kang San Eh visited Pyongyang in April this year for the concert “Spring Comes,” which was 
held in the North Korean capital in celebration of the inter-Korean summit. The singer-
songwriter tugged the heartstrings of people in the North with songs such as “Raguyo”, 
which is about his parents who were from the North, and “Myeongtae”, about a specialty of 
Hamgyeong Province in the North, his father’s birthplace. In an interview following his visit 
to the North, Kang said, “After the visit to Pyongyang, I thought about peace again. I came 
to realize that we cannot have peace just by waiting.” In the concert on Jeju Island, he will 
present his hit songs, “Like Those Lively Salmons Swimming up the River” and “You Can Do 
It,” as well as “Raguyo” and “Myeongtae.”

Oh Yeon Joon has captivated the audience with his heavenly voice at the welcoming dinner 
for the inter-Korean summit at Panmunjom as well as at the closing ceremony of the 2018 
PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Oh started to gain popularity when he deeply impressed 
viewers of the “We Kid” program on Mnet in 2016. He is praised for his “voice of healing” 
and having a “voice of the sea and wind.” In the peace concert, Oh will sing “I Will Be There,” 
“Where the Wind Blows” and “Spring in My Hometown.”

The Jerazin Boys and Girls Choir, founded in September, 2015, is a children’s choir who sing 
about Jeju culture and stories in the Jeju dialect. Clad in traditional Jeju clothes, the garot, 
and diver’s suits, they sing songs of hopes and encouragement. As a public wind orchestra 
established in 1998 and run by the local government of Jeju Province, the Jeju Provincial 
Seogwipo Wind Orchestra has been engaged in a wide array of performances from classical 
to contemporary, holding more than 60 concerts each year. It brings a variety of professional 
and featured performances to the residents of Jeju.

All of the performers will end the concert with a song about peace and harmony. 
Participants in the Forum, invitation ticket holders, those registered with the website of the 
Forum and Jeju residents can enjoy the JDC Peace Concert free of charge.