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[Newsletter Vol.21] The 13th Jeju Forum to Be Held on June 26-28, 2018 2017-11-10
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The 13th Jeju Forum to Be Held on June 26-28, 2018

The 13th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity will be held at the International Convention 
Center, Jeju on June 26-28, 2018. 

The Secretariat of Jeju Forum began a discussion on the main theme of the upcoming forum 
by ushering the first meeting of the Agenda Council of the Jeju Forum on Nov. 7. 
The council will open the second meeting early next year to deliberate on the planning of the 
forum sessions and agendas. It will also review the results of the 13th forum in its third 
meeting in July of next year. 

Prior to the first meeting, the Secretariat had reorganized the council to advance a new 
agenda concerning international relations by appointing leading scholars on international 
relations to the council. The Forum will choose a main theme that would address a wide 
range of issues, including economic and environmental agendas as well as the one to 
globalize Jeju Island, while maintaining the basic tenet of the peace forum. It is aimed at 
elevating its status as an international forum by suggesting new agenda for the East Asian 
region, in particular. 

The Agenda Council, chaired by Suh Chung-ha, president of the Jeju Peace Institute, is 
comprised of 14 members, including Kim Sung-han, dean of the Graduate School of 
International Studies at Korea University and former vice-minister of the Foreign Ministry; 
Bak Sang-mee, dean of the Graduate School of International and Area Studies at Hankuk 
University of Foreign Studies; Park Cheol-hee, dean of GSIS, Seoul National University (SNU); 
Shin Bum-cheol, professor of Korea National Diplomatic Academy; Lee Geun, professor of 
International Politics, GSIS, SNU; Lee Sun-hwa, a member of the Jeju Special Self-governing 
Provincial Council; Chung Jae Ho, professor of Political Science at SNU; the officials from the 
Jeju Special Self-governing Province, the organizer of the Jeju Forum; the International Peace 
Foundation; the East Asia Foundation; JoongAng Ilbo; and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.