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International Exchanges of Jeju Island at a Glance 2017-05-22
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International Exchanges of Jeju Island at a Glance
The exhibition, “Jeju Island Meets the World,” Opens on May 24

An exhibition of the history of Jeju Island’s exchanges with governments and organizations 
worldwide is set to open, timed with the 12th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity. The 
International Peace Center, Jeju (in Jungmun, Seogwipo City) will host the opening ceremony 
for the exhibition, “Jeju Island’s International Exchanges Seen through Administrative 
Artifacts,” at 11 a.m. on May 24. The exhibition lasts until August 31. 

The exhibition under the theme, “Jeju Island Meets the World,” was designed to share the 
heritage of international exchanges of the island by displaying various historical records and 
official gifts exchanged with countries around the world. 

Under six sub-themes, the exhibition was organized as follows: summit meetings, 
international events, sister/friendship cities, cultural and humanities exchanges, ODA (Official 
Development Assistance) projects and South-North Korean exchanges. The exhibition 
features about 200 items, including folk artifacts, national symbolic items, and historical 
records and photos of international events, donated by the officials of foreign governments 
and organizations.

“Administrative artifacts” refer to the archival objects with visual and symbolic significance, 
produced by public institutions. They symbolize official events, and public figures and 
organizations. The rare artifacts related to the customs and social trends of a certain period 
are also called as such. 

Many participants in the 12th Jeju Forum are expected to visit the exhibition, hosted by the 
Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and organized by the International Peace Center, as it is 
timed with the forum slated for May 31-June 2 at the Jeju International Convention Center. 

The International Peace Center, right across from the convention center, will promote the 
exhibition by installing a booth at the venue of the forum to give visitors a tour of the 
exhibition. The IPC opened in September, 2006 as a landmark facility for the “Island of World 
Peace,” and performs the role of an institute to publicize the cases of peace achievements, 
hold exhibitions on peace themes and offer the opportunities to experience peace. 

Jeju Island sublimated the scar from the April 3 Massacre into a spirit of reconciliation, 
coexistence and peace, and contributed to ending the Cold War order by hosting the summit 
between South Korea and the Soviet Union in 1991. From then on, the island emerged as 
major venue for Northeast Asian diplomacy, arranging six bilateral and multilateral summits. 

Since being designated as the Island of World Peace in January, 2005, Jeju has launched 17 
projects to uphold the values of cooperation and coexistence through international 
exchange, including the Jeju Forum and other international conferences, as well as 
establishing the Peace Park. It has sisterhood ties with 17 cities and friendship relations with 
18 cities around the world, and has joined 12 international organizations, including the 
UCLG (United Cities and Local Governments). The island has also engaged in humanitarian activities to send tangerines to North Korea as well as joining ODA projects in Mongolia and 
East Timor and inter-Korean cooperation and exchange projects.