The Jeju Forum started as a regional multilateral dialogue for promoting peace and prosperity in East Asia. The Forum serves as a platform for world leaders and other high-profile participants to discuss and share visions on various issues in the region. It provides profound insights into the world and contributes to cooperation and development in Asia.

Host: Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, International Peace Foundation, East Asia Foundation, JoongAng Ilbo 
Organizer: Jeju Peace Institute
14:00 ~ 15:20 [4-B] East Asian “Historical Issues” and Political Leadership
동아시아 '역사문제'와 리더십
[Northeast Asian History Foundation(NAHF)]

Korea, China and Japan have long been going through conflicts over “history problems,” which, as typified by the issue of Japanese military sex slaves, impede the understanding of history based on the universal principle of humanity. Occasionally inducing the problems of territorial sovereignty, the “history problems”remains a serious obstacle to East Asia’s pursuit of peace and co-prosperity, prohibiting future generations from establishing trusted relationships founded on a shared sense of East Asia’s past experience.
Strong cooperation among East Asian leaders is required now, more than any other time, to overcome the conflict over “history problems.” The joint Franco-Germany history textbook, published in 2006, will serve as a prominent example of a successful product of the concerted efforts of the leaders of both countries. Discussions will be held as to what leadership is needed and how it should be implemented for solving the “history problems” of East Asia.

일본군 ‘위안부’ 문제가 웅변하듯 한중일 동아시아 3국은 오랫동안 ‘역사문제’ 로 갈등을 겪어 왔다. 역사문제는 동아시아 국가들이 평화와 번영을 추구해 나아가는 데 심각한 저해 요인으로 작용하고 있다. 때로는 영토주권을 훼손하는 문제로도 비화하고 경우에 따라서는 미래 세대의 건강한 역사인식을 창출해내는 데에도 걸림돌이 되고 있다.
이러한 ‘역사갈등’ 을 극복하기 위해서는 역내 국가 지도자들의 리더십이 무엇보다도 중요하다. 독일과 프랑스 지도자들의 강력한 리더십으로 2006년 만들어진 ‘독불공동역사교과서’ 가 그 좋은 증거이다. 이 세션에서는 동아시아의 역사문제가 해결되기 위해 어떠한 리더십이 요구되며 또 그 리더십이 어떻게 발휘되어야 하는지에 대해 논의한다.

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