The Jeju Forum started as a regional multilateral dialogue for promoting peace and prosperity in East Asia. The Forum serves as a platform for world leaders and other high-profile participants to discuss and share visions on various issues in the region. It provides profound insights into the world and contributes to cooperation and development in Asia.

Host: Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, International Peace Foundation, East Asia Foundation, JoongAng Ilbo 
Organizer: Jeju Peace Institute
14:00 ~ 15:20 [4-E] Building 1.5 Track Network for the Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation Initiative
동북아평화협력구상 민관네트워크 구축전략
[Sejong Institute]

The “Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation Initiative” (NAPCI), a part of the “Trustpolitik” pursued by the Park Geun-hye government, is aimed at transforming the regional order of confrontation and conflict into one of dialogue and cooperation. As there is a limitation in the capacity of the government to expand and advance this initiative, alone, a public-private sector network should be established by inviting experts from both home and abroad, governments and research institutions in the region.
This session is designed to establish a cooperative network among the public and private sectors with the goal of expanding the foothold of the NAPCI at home and abroad, and to provide the groundwork for a successful result at the 3rd NAPCI forum, scheduled for October, 2016.

동북아평화협력구상은 박근혜 정부가 추진하는 ‘신뢰외교’ 의 일환으로서 대립과 갈등의 역내 구도를 대화와 협력의 질서로 전환하고자 하는 데 목적을 두고 있다. 정부 중심의 방식으로는 이 구상을 국제적으로 확산시키고 실질적으로 진전시키기에 한계가 있기 때문에 국내 외 정부와 민간 전문가, 연구기관 등과 함께 민관 네트워크를 구축하는 것이 필요하다.
이 세션은 동북아평화협력구상의 저변 확대를 위해 국내외 민관 협력네트워크를 구축하고 이를 오는 10월 열리는 제3차 동북아평화협력포럼으로 결집시켜 성공적인 행사를 기획하는 데 목적이 있다.

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JIN Chang Soo

PARK Joon-woo

KIM Hyoung-zhin

LEE Sang Hyun

KIM Kyun-tae

CHU Jang Min

KIM Taehwan

KO Jae-nam

SHIN Beom-chul

NA Sang-deok