The 6th Jeju Forum evaluated the challenges and opportunities the rise of China and the reunification of the Korean peninsula will offer. The Forum also took note of the great potential of new growth on the basis of the Asian entrepreneurship. With this background, various programs on Korea-China economic cooperation are prepared. The contents of new standard and its perspectives were reviewed. New growth potential, creative industry, new leadership, the future of education and the role of women were also addressed. Peace and common prosperity on the Korean peninsula and East Asia through the promotion of mutual understanding was discussed. The cultural exchanges and fusion in East Asia was reviewed and we evaluated how it is promoting the sense of community among the Asian peoples. Various issues of peace in East Asia such as the resolution of the North Korean nuclear problem, historical reconciliation and maritime security are among the topics. The recent natural disaster of Japan was reviewed and among the related topics are how to deal with the climate change and natural disasters.

Host: Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, International Peace Foundation, East Asia Foundation, JoongAng Ilbo 
Organizer: Jeju Peace Institute 
17:00 ~ 18:10 [3-C] Sustainable Management for Korean Companies
한국기업의 지속경영
Crystal Hall C
KIM, Jae-eun (Director, Institute for Industrial Policy Studies)

Main Speakers
SONG, Myung-sik (Vice President, YUHAN-KIMBERLY)
LEE, Chae-wook (President, Incheon International Airport Corporation)


Sustainable management necessarily becomes a goal for a company that needs to pursue sustainable development. It can be achieved by harmonizing the following three objectives: maximizing interest from the economic perspective; improving the environment; and responding to social expectations and responsibilities. This session introduces the best sustainable management practices of Korean companies, and is designed to share their experiences of sustainable management.

- What kind of efforts do Korean companies make for sustainable management?
- What is the future task for Korean companies to achieve sustainable management?