The 7th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity reviewed these changes within historic context and highlight the future of Asia. The work of the forum was to pursue peace and common prosperity of the region on the basis of a sense of community. The interdependence and cultural fusion in Asia are surely contribute to the promotion of this sense of community. The issue of common prosperity was addressed and the potentiality of new growth on the basis of Asian entrepreneurship was explored. New growth engines, future of the IT industry, environmental conservation, sustainable management, financial cooperation, official development assistance, welfare expansion, city design, and the role of women are among the forum's topic.

Host: Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, International Peace Foundation, East Asia Foundation, JoongAng Ilbo 
Organizer: Jeju Peace Institute

10:50 ~ 12:10 [7-E] New Paradigm of Japanese Companies and Management
위기와 재난의 풍파로 잠을 깬 일본기업과 경영의 새로운 패러다임
Diamond Hall A
[Korea Human Development Institute]

KIM, Young-Ho (Chair Professor, University of Dankook)

Main Speaker
KOMIYAMA, Hiroshi (Chairman, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. / President Emeritus, The University of Tokyo)

KIM, Dohyung (Visiting Professor, Dongseo University) YOSHINORI, Funato (President & CEO, Asia Alliance Holdings)

CHO, Woo Jin (Professor, Tama University)

김영호 (단국대 석좌교수, 전 산자부 장관)

고미야마 히로시 (미쓰비시 종합연구소 이사장, 前 동경대학교 총장)

김도형 (동서대학교 객원교수)
후나토 요시노리 (아시아얼라이언스홀딩스 대표)

조우진 (다마대학교 교수)

Japanese economic size has been significantly reduced, from a G2 to G3 economic status, as a result of the ‘lost 10 or 20 years’ that lasted through the 1980s and 1990s. The earthquake in East Japan and the tsunami in March of 2011 devastated the Japanese economy. We will forecast the future of the Japanese economy by taking a look at the newly emerged Japanese economic policy and a new paradigm for business management, awakening from a long period of depression and the survival of crisis and natural calamity.

1980~1990년대부터 시작된 일본의 ‘잃어버린 10년, 혹은 20년’의 세월이 지속된 결과, 일본경제는 G2의 경제대국에서 G3의 경제국가로 전락을 면치 못했습니다. 2011년 3월 일어난 동일본 대지진과 쓰나미로 인해 처참할 정도로 흔들리고 있는 일본경제가 위기와 재난의 풍파를 견디고 긴 수렁의 잠에서 깨어나 새롭게 태어나기 위한 경제정책과 기업경영의 뉴패러다임을 살펴보고, 일본경제의 미래를 전망해 봅니다.