This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and of UN’s founding, and the 50th year of normalization of Korea-Japan diplomatic ties. This year’s Forum will cover a wide range of topics from the trust building process in Asia to the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda. 64 sessions will be held under five categories: peace, prosperity, sustainability, diversity, and competitiveness. We would like to welcome you to the Jeju Forum 2015. The Jeju Forum 2015 will provide a valuable opportunity to learn from some of today’s most outstanding leaders, while enjoying a beautiful subtropical location in Jeju Island. 

Host: Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, International Peace Foundation, East Asia Foundation, JoongAng Ilbo 
Organizer: Jeju Peace Institute

14:00 ~ 15:10 Grand Ballroom

[SPECIAL SESSION I] East Asia Forum Prosperous East Asia through Non-Traditional Security Cooperation|동아시아포럼: 비전통 안보협력을 통한 동아시아의 번영

[Ministry of Foreign Affairs]

○ The East Asia Forum is a comprehensive forum involving high-level participants from the government, business, and academia of the ASEAN Plus Three Countries
- During the Forum, participants discuss ways to enhance regional cooperation, which will contribute to the launch of the East Asian Community
○ The EAF was initiated by the Republic of Korea and established in 2003 to serve the role of a think tank for research on East Asia regional cooperation
- Since its launch in Seoul on December 2003, the APT Member States take turns hosting the EAF once a year
○ The 13th EAF takes place concurrently with the Jeju Forum
- Session Ⅰ: Trust-Building in East Asia through Soft Security Cooperation
- Session Ⅱ: Enhancing Security in East Asia through Terrorism
- Session Ⅲ: Growth in East Asia through Climate Change Response

○ ASEAN 10개국 및 한·중·일 정부, 재계, 학계 대표가 참석하는 포괄적 성격의 포럼
- 동아시아 공동체 추진을 위한 역내 국가 간 협력 제고 방안 등 협의
○ 동아시아 지역협력 방안 연구를 위한 싱크탱크 역할 수행을 위해 한국 주도로 설립
- 2003년 12월 서울에서 창립총회 개최 이후 매년 1회 아세안 국가와 한·중·일 교대로 개최
○ 올해 제13차 동아시아포럼은 제주포럼과 연계 개최
- 세션 Ⅰ: 연성안보 협력을 통한 동아시아의 신뢰구축
- 세션 Ⅱ: 테러리즘 대응을 통한 동아시아의 안보 증진
- 세션 Ⅲ: 기후변화 대응을 통한 동아시아의 성장 확보
File [결과자료]특별세션Ⅰ_제13차 동아시아포럼 개회식 비전통 안보협력을 통한 동아시아의 번영(외교부).pdf
File special session 1 east asia forum prosperous east asia through non-traditional security cooperation