At the forum, domestic and international participants from 60 sessions dealt with various issues ranging from international cooperation & security, economy & business, culture, gender, community development, and the environment, and had wide discussions on regional and global cooperation and challenges beyond the Asias paradox for new Asia. And the Trilateral cooperation Secretariat participated in the forum for the first time, organizing 3 concurrent sessions, and contributed to the Jeju Forums goal of peace and prosperity in Korea, Japan, and China. 

Host: Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, International Peace Foundation, East Asia Foundation, JoongAng Ilbo 
Organizer: Jeju Peace Institute

09:00 ~ 10:20 [3-E] Multinational Corporation and Public Diplomacy|다국적 기업과 공공외교
Room E

In this globalized economy, multinational corporate management is not only a commercial activity but also a political social activity as it is a key to the public diplomacy that is associated with the national image and national interests. The Korea China Regional Economy Association (KCREA), which has multinational companies as corporate members, and the Charhar Institute, the leader of the public diplomacy project of China, will open the joint session. The session will be held with the purpose of coming up with measures to effectively promote strategies for multinational business management for both Korean and Chinese companies and the public diplomatic services between the two countries.
This session will provide think tank services to the top executives of companies, collect and share the best practices related to public diplomacy between multinational companies of Korea and China, and analyze new phases and trends in public diplomacy between Korean and Chinese companies from the perspective of combining practice and theory.

글로벌 경제 배경에서 기업의 다국적 경영은 상업활동일 뿐만 아니라 국가의 이미지와 이익과 연계되는 정치적 사회행위이자 공공외교의 중요한 구성부분입니다. 다국적 기업이 회원사로 있는 기관인 한중지역경제협회와 중국공공외교사업의 추진자인 차하얼학회는, 본 세션의 공동운영을 통해 한중 양국 기업의 다국적 경영전략과 한중 공공외교서비스를 실효적으로 추진하는 방안을 모색합니다. 본 세션에서는 기업의 고위간부들에게 싱크탱크 서비스를 제공하고, 한중 다국적 기업의 공공외교의 성공적 경험을 총결하고 공유하고, 실천과 이론의 결합 측면에서 한중 기업의 공공외교의 새로운 국면과 추세를 분석합니다.

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