This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and of UN’s founding, and the 50th year of normalization of Korea-Japan diplomatic ties. This year’s Forum will cover a wide range of topics from the trust building process in Asia to the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda. 64 sessions will be held under five categories: peace, prosperity, sustainability, diversity, and competitiveness. We would like to welcome you to the Jeju Forum 2015. The Jeju Forum 2015 will provide a valuable opportunity to learn from some of today’s most outstanding leaders, while enjoying a beautiful subtropical location in Jeju Island. 

Host: Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, International Peace Foundation, East Asia Foundation, JoongAng Ilbo 
Organizer: Jeju Peace Institute

17:20 ~ 18:40 Room E

[2-E] Creative Economy and the Role of Higher Education|창조경제와 고등교육의 역할

[Jeju National University]

The Park Geun-hye Administration has been stressing the idea of “Creative Economy” which calls for boosting the economy by creating new business opportunities, industries and jobs through the strengthening of an appropriate job-friendly education infrastructure. In alliance with this movement, Jeju National University also has been working hard to respond to the new education policies by coming up with new executive university policies that befit a new university vision and specific strategies that follow. This session aims to investigate into the ideas of 4 representative university presidents from Korea, China and Japan in terms of what the definition of creative economy is and what kind of roles higher education should play from an international perspective.

박근혜 정부는 창조경제라는 취지에 맞춰 창업친화적 교육 강화, 창의적 인재 양성을 통한 능력중심 사회기반 조성을 위해 노력하자는 의지를 발표해 왔습니다. 이에 제주대학교 또한 새 고등교육 정책에 적극 대응하기 위하여 대학운영 방향과 실천 전략의 수립이 필요하다는 것을 알고 이에 맞게 대학발전 비전과 세부 추진 전략들을 진행하여 왔습니다. 제주대학교의 사례를 기점으로 대표적인 한중일 대학총장들의 심도 있는 4자 대담을 통해 창조경제와 고등교육의 역할을 국제적으로 살펴보는 자리를 마련합니다.
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