The Jeju Forum started as a regional multilateral dialogue for promoting peace and prosperity in East Asia. The Forum serves as a platform for world leaders and other high-profile participants to discuss and share visions on various issues in the region. It provides profound insights into the world and contributes to cooperation and development in Asia.

Host: Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, International Peace Foundation, East Asia Foundation, JoongAng Ilbo 
Organizer: Jeju Peace Institute
  • 외교부  Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 제주국제자유도시개발센터  Jeju Free International City Development Center
  • 한국국제교류재단  Korea Foundation
  • 동북아역사재단  Northeast Asian History Foundation
  • 제주대학교  Jeju National University
  • 제주국제연수센터  Jeju International Training Center
  • 국립외교원  Korean National Diplomatic Academy
  • 싱가포르 난양기술대학교  Nanyang Technological University
  • 일본 다마대학교  Tama University
  • 대한국제법학회  The Korean Society of International Law
  • 대한항공  Korean Air
  • 민족화해협력범국민협의회  Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation
  • 세종연구소 The Sejong Institute
  • 월드컬처오픈  World Culture Open
  • 유엔거버넌스센터 United Nations Project Office on Governance
  • 유엔글로벌콤팩트 Global Compact Network Korea
  • 유엔협회세계연맹  World Federation of United Nations Associations
  • 인간개발연구원  Human Development Institute
  • 제주세계자연유산센터 Jeju World Natural Heritage Center
  • 제주한라대학교  Cheju Halla University
  • 프리드리히나우만재단  The Friedrich Naumann Foundation
  • 한국경제매거진  The Korea Economic Magazine
  • 한국조류학회  The Korean Society of Phycology
  • 한국해양과학기술원  Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology
  • 한국해양전략연구소  Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy
  • 한중일3국협력사무국  Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat
  • 한중지역경제협회  Korea China Regional Economy Association