CHENG Xiaohe 청샤오허
Pangoal Institute / Professor, Renmin University of China 판구연구소
Senior Researcher 선임연구원, 중국인민대학 교수
Dr. Xiaohe Cheng is Senior Researcher, Pangoal Institute, Associate Professor at the School of International Studies, Renmin University of China. His researches mainly focus on China’s foreign relations in general and China’s Relations with neighboring countries in particular.
Dr. Cheng once worked for China Institute of Contemporary International Studies (CICIR) for some years and served as a visiting research fellow at the Fairbank of Harvard University (1997-1998). He also taught China’s Politics & Foreign Policies in Dublin College University (2007) and China’s Foreign Relations at University of Michigan at Ann Arbor (2009). His published articles mainly cover China’s relations with the Korean Peninsula and the Indian Subcontinent.
Dr. Cheng did his undergraduate work in international politics at Fudan University, Shanghai, and earned his doctorate in political science from Boston University.