LI Nan 리난
Pangoal Institution 판구연구소
Senior Fellow 선임연구위원
Li Nan is a Senior Fellow at the Pangoal Institution and an associate research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Institute of American Studies. His research mainly focuses on U.S-North Korea relations and China-North Korea relations. Dr. Li has been a visiting Scholar at Seoul National University(2014-2015), Brookings Institution(2012), Johns Hopkins SAIS(2011-2012), and Kim Il-Sung University (DPRK)(2010). He is a graduate of the Renmin University of China where he earned a PhD in National Strategy, MA in International Relations & Political Science, and BA in International Politics & Political Science. His main publications: From the Hawk Engagement to the Six Party Talks: US Policies towards North Korea (book) A Study of Contemporary Western Theories of Grand Strategy (book), “A Strategic and Emotional Partner: China and Its Food Aid to North Korea in the 20th Century,” China and North Korea: Strategic and Policy Perspectives from a Changing China, Palgrave Macmillan Press 2015. “U.S. Food Aid Policy towards North Korean and its Evaluation, ”(The Journal of American Studies, 2014), “US Policy towards DPRK Since the Nuclear Crisis of 2013,”(Blue Book, the CASS Press, 2014)“Evaluating the Bush Administration’s North Korea Strategy,” (Journal of Contemporary Asia- Pacific Studies, 2009), “An Emotional and Strategic Partner: China’s Humanitarian Aid to North Korea in the 21st Century.”(The Brookings, 2013).