CHEN Jian 천지앤
China Society of Economic Reform 중국경제개혁학회
Vice President and Research Fellow 부회장 겸 연구위원
He was born in Wuhu, Anhui province in March 1957. Graduated from the department of economics of anhui university in January 1982, graduated from Jilin university graduate school in July, 1986. Served as director of the China's national population and family planning commission, Zhejiang Wenling city vice mayor, the Chinese academy of social sciences, deputy director of population development laboratory, the Beijing municipal people's government, deputy director of the laboratory, vice President of the Beijing institute of socialism.
Currently he is the Vice President of China Economic Reform Research Institute, Director of the Beijing Center for the Study of Winter Olympics, and an adjunct professor in many universities such as Beijing Jiaotong university.
He published over 30 books and published over 500 academic papers. In the modernization, regional economy, the Olympic economy and other areas of research in China has a broad impact.