PRASIRTSUK Kitti 키티 프라쑥
Thammasat University, Thailand 태국 타마삿대학교
Vice Rector for International Affairs 국제관계학 부학장
Kitti Prasirtsuk teaches international relations at the Faculty of Political Science and has been the director of the Institute of East Studies for the past five years. He is appointed as strategic committee at the Ministry of Defence. Kitti also serves as advisory committee for the Asia Center under the Japan Foundation, which promotes exchange between Japan and ASEAN.

Kitti received his B.A. from Thammasat, an M.A. from Keio University and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley (2001). His areas of interest include international relations in East and Southeast Asia, Japanese politics and foreign policy, and ASEAN. His current research is on soft power in East Asia, U.S.-Thailand alliance, and Japan-Thailand relations at the local level.

He taught “International Relations in Southeast Asia” as a visiting professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and also give special lectures at various universities, including Peking, Waseda, Yonsei, Korea University, ANU, and the University of Munich. Kitti is regularly invited to speak at international symposia, including at Columbia University, Nikkei Forum, Beijing Forum, and Jeju Forum.