LOCZI János 야노스 로치
Gremon Systems 그레몬시스템즈
Chief Excutive Officer CEO
Mr János Lóczi is the CEO of Gremon Systems Ltd., the startup company that is said to change the agriculture.
The professionals at the company realized that agriculture at the moment is unable to obtain large amount of reliable data about the behavior of plants during production, therefore a lot of resources are lost. The company introduced a new definition: Plant Energy Balance. They consider the plants as batteries that can be charged by the light (sun or artificial light) and discharged by transpiration. Considering that we can install light sensors inside the greenhouses next to the plants that we can meause with Trutina and the fact that we can detect the transpiration, our Trutina is the only product which can show such information for the growers in real time giving them the opportunity to correct the technological processes.
The team took their first steps in 2009. They wanted to start a development that had real market potential.
Mr András Újszászi, who at the time was managing one of the most innovative horticultures of that time asked Mr Lóczi to join their team. At first he supported the project as an investor, then in 2013 they founded Gremon Systems Ltd, and in 2015 we signed a contract with a venture capital investor.
When they started negotiations in Hungary they only had one product, but when signing the contract the other product has also appeared, furthermore with a greater emphasis. This is Trutina with which the most important data about the plants’ physiological changes can be obtained. Since then Trutina is still more accented in their business plan.
The company recently received the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize for their Tutina product.
According to Mr Lóczi you cannot stay competitive on the horticultural market of the world without continous product development. It has always been important to them, if you do not invest in that you will have a significant disadvantage in the competition in a sector that is improving with such crazy dynamics.