LEE Ki-wu 이기우
Inha University Law School 인하대학교
Professor 교수
Lee, Ki-wu is a professor in Inha University Law School, Korea. He is one of the most important scholars leading the academic discourse on decentralization in Korea. In 1989, he received Ph.D. degree in administrative law at Munster University, Germany. Over the 40 years of his academic career after obtaining the degree, he has played a key role in researching and promoting decentralization and local autonomy with his expertise in the Constitution of Korea, local law and institutions.
In 2002, he received the National YMCA Award for his contributions to the development of local autonomy in Korea. He also has profound experience in the field of public governance. Since 2017, he has been a member of Advisory Committee for Constitutional Reform in the National Assembly. He also served as a member of Presidential Advisory Committee for Decentralization three times (2004-2007, 2010-2012, 2014-2016). In addition, he was the Chair of Educational Law Association in 2010. He also published books themed in decentralization reform, law,
and democracy. Representative pieces of his publications include Direct Democracy(2016), Decentralizational Rebuilding of the Nation (2014), Local Law (2007), Decentralization and Citizen Participation (2003), A Theory of Local Law (1994), etc.

이기우 (인하대학교 법학전문대학원 교수)
한국에서 40년 이상 지방분권, 헌법, 행정법, 공공제도 등의 분야를 연구하는 학자로서, 2017년에는 국회의 헌법개정특별위원회 자문위원(소위원장)으로서 지방분권 중심의 헌법개정안을 기초하였고, 2004년부터 2016년까지 대통령소속 지방분권특별위원회 위원으로 활동한 바 있다. 1989년 독일 Munster 대학에서 법학박사 학위(1989)를 받았으며, 2002년에는 대한민국 지방자치 발전을 위해 공헌하였다는 점에서 National YMCA Award 상 등 이외에도 2018년 가장 최근에는 지방분권 발전의 공로를 인정하여 언론으로부터 상을 받기도 하였다. 관련 분야의 대표적인 저술로는 지방자치이론(1996), 한국지방자치론(2000), 지방자치법(2007), 지방행정체제 개편론(2009), 분권적 국가개조론:스위스에서 정치를 묻다(2014), 새헌법안(2016) 등이 있다.