KAEWSAI Jatoopong 자투퐁 카유사이
Phuket Foreign Affairs 푸켓 외교부
Director 과장
Mr. Jatoopong Kaewsai is a government officer who has been working in Phuket province, Thailand since 2004, and served as a position of The Director of Phuket Foreign Affairs for a couple of year. He has various experiences in international affairs and plan and strategy analysis methods towards sustainable tourism in Phuket. Moreover, he also was a part time lecturer in Phuket Rajabhat University in the area of hotel and tourism.
Since a sustainable tourism is the mainstream of the globe, Phuket province arranges itself to accomplish being the world sustainable tourism destination. Mr. Jatoopong Kaewsai implements the concrete notions of international relationship, international political economy, the ideas and principles of sustainable tourism, and sustainable development approaches leading to sustainability of Phuket Island.
Mr. Jatoopong Kaewsai plays the important roles the development of the strategic directions, guiding the organization to respond to emerging tourism trends with creative strategies and campaigns, and strengthening partnerships with different stakeholders. He always works closely with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Phuket branch and concern tourism organizations in Phuket and across Thailand.