MAKINO Yoshihiro 마키노 요시히로
Asahi Shimbun Seoul Bureau 아사히신문 서울
Chief 지국장
Higher education
Waseda University Faculty of Law, Tokyo, Japan
BA in Law March 1989

Employment history

Seoul Bureau Chief         
September 2015 ~ Present

Visiting scholar of SAIS/USKI
September 2014 ~ August 2015
・Mainly covering Korean peninsula issues .

The Asahi Shimbun Company, Tokyo, JAPAN
Senior International Correspondent, Tokyo Head Office
February 2012 ~ August2014
・Mainly covering East Asian security. I attached recently some articles.

Seoul Correspondent
January 2007 ~ January 2012

・Covering Korean peninsula and write daily news reports and feature stories. My Current focus centers on the DPRK nuclear crisis, DPRK successor and relationship between Japan and Korean Peninsula.

Staff Writer, Political News Section, Tokyo Head Office
September 2000 ~ December 2007
・Covering Liberal Democratic Party , Democratic Party , the Prime Minister House , the Self Defense Force and write daily news reports and feature stories on Japan`s political & defense activities. My Current focus centers on the increasing tension over territorial issues with China and DPRK nuclear crisis.

Stay in Seoul to study Korean language
September 1999 ~ August 2000
・I stayed in Yonsei University Faculty of Foreign language

Staff Writer, Political News Section, Tokyo Heard Office
May 1995~ August 1999
・Covering the Prime Minister House and the Ministry of Foreign affairs and write daily news reports about Japanese political decision and foreign policy.My Current focus centers on the relationship between Japan and China, Korean peninsula.

Staff Writer, Seto Bureau
April 1994 ~ April 1995
・I mostly covered an administrative organ in Seto City. I also covered general city news.

Staff Writer, Gifu Bureau
April 1992 ~ March 1994
・I mainly covered Gifu prefectural office, including Kakamigahara city hole.

Staff Writer, Social News Section, Nagoya Branch Office
November 1991 ~ March 1992
・I mainly covered the local police station in Nagoya.

Mitsui O.S.K Lines, Co, Ltd, Tokyo, JAPAN
Staff, Accounting Department, Tokyo Head Office April 1989
・Covering the Branch & Agency in Middle East Asia and did accounts processing of fiscal statements.

Previous Foreign Travel
As an Asahi Shimbun reporter (1996~2013)
・USA, Switzerland, Germany, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Israel, Peru, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippine, Vietnam, DPRK, ROK, Russia, Thailand, Djibouti , India, Pakistan, Mongolia