JANG Sung Kyu 장성규
Announcer 아나운서
Jang Sung Kyu made his debut through a MBC survival audition program called New Recruit in 2011. In the same year, he joined JTBC in the new channel’s first special recruitment of presenters. Kicking off his career with a program called Taste Scandal in 2012, he has been active as a host of entertainment programs as well as educational programs such as Kim Kuk-jin’s Head Butt(2012), JTBC Weekend News(2012), Shinhwa TV(2013), and JTBC Morning News(2015). Recently, he has been winning over fans by appearing in popular entertainment programs such as JTBC Brothers and JjangTBC, which is a one-man internet streaming show starring Jang.

장성규는 2011년 MBC ‘일밤-신입사원’으로 데뷔해 그해 JTBC 1기 아나운서에 특채로 선발됐다. 2012년 ‘미각 스캔들'을 시작으로 ‘김국진의 현장박치기’, ‘JTBC 주말뉴스(이상 같은 해)’, ‘신화방송(13년)’, ‘JTBC 아침&(15년)’ 등을 진행하며 보도∙시사∙교양∙예능의 장르를 넘나드는 활약을 보였다. 최근에는 ‘아는 형님’과 인터넷 1인 방송 ‘짱티비씨’ 등 예능 프로그램에서 남다른 존재감을 과시하고 있다.