KIM Jin-Han 김진한
National Institute of Biological Resources 국립생물자원관
Director 동물과장
Dr. Jin-Han KIM obtained his Ph.D. degrees in Zoology from the KyungHee University in 1998. In 1989, he joined the Forest Research Institute as an avian researcher and shifted to National Institute of Environmental Research in accordance with governmental reshuffle. In 2005, he joined the Planning Office for construction of National Institute of Biological Resources. He successfully launched the National Institute of Biological Resources with the President was in attendance at the launching ceremony. From 2012 he carried out research cooperation and CBD issues as a director. From August 2014 he has been in charge of Animal Resources Division. His research interests include migratory birds, wetlands conservation and international cooperation. He has actively serviced as vice president in North East Asian Crane Network Working Group and appointed as a member for IPBES Capacity Building Task Force. He was the recipient of the Outstanding Performance and Award from Prime Minister in 2007.

김진한(金鎭漢 55) 국립생물자원관 동물과장은 조류생태학, 습지보전 및 국제협력 분야 전문가이다. 2012년 국립생물자원관 대외협력과장으로 생물다양성협약 (CBD) 과 국제협력 분야의 업무를 수행하였고 2014년부터 동물자원 관련 연구를 총괄하고 있다. 김 과장은 1998년 경희대학교 대학원에서 동물학 박사학위를 받았다. 현재 동북아 두루미네트워크 전문가그룹 부회장 및 한국대표, 생물다양성과학기구(IPBES) 역량강화 전문가 그룹 회원으로 활동하고 있다. 김 과장은 탁월한 업무수행과 업적으로2007년도에 국무총리상을 수상한 바 있다.