Mahamadou TOUNKARA 마하마두 통카라
Global Green Growth Institute
Director of Office of Director General 사무총장실 실장
마하마두 통카라는 현재 글로벌녹생성장기구의 사무총장실 국장으로 역임중입니다. 사무총장실은 크게 파트너십, 커뮤니케이션, 거버넌스 그리고 전략부서로 이루어져 있으며 마마하마두 통카라는 이 부서의 총 책임자로서 기구의 글로벌 전략 및 파트너십 구축 및 회원국가 관리등의 업무를 총괄하고 있습니다.
글로벌녹생성장기구 전에는 플랜 인터네셔널 글로벌 프로그램의 부사장을 역임했으며 아프리카, 아시아, 아메리카 유럽의 프로그램을 담당했습니다. 마하마두는 구조공학박사 학위가 있으며 부르키나파소 정부로부터 국가공로훈장 (Chevalier de l’Ordre National)를 수상했습니다.

Mahamadou currently holds the position of Director of ODG Division which consists of Governance, Partnerships, Strategies and Communication Teams. Mahamadou plays the role of Senior Strategic Adviser to GGGI’s Director General and leads the teams in charge of driving corporate governance and strategic engagements with Members & partners, developing, and maintaining relationships with partners, initiating policy and strategy formulation, guiding the resource mobilization efforts, leading the change management initiatives, and supporting the President & Chair of GGGI’s Assembly & Council, Mr Ban Ki-moon (United Nations 8th Secretary General), to efficiently support the functioning of our Governance Organs, maintain and establish effective engagements and relations with governments.
Mahamadou has been working over the past 30 years in the fields of green growth policy and program implementation, research and training, institutional development and reforms, and governance in both private sector and international organizations. Mahamadou has extensive experience working in country offices, regional offices and headquarters for several organizations in senior management and technical lead roles with experiences covering Africa, Asia, Americas (North, Central and South Americas), Europe and SIDS countries in the Caribbean and Pacific.
Prior to joining GGGI in 2016, Mahamadou was Vice-President Global Initiatives of Plan International Inc., covering 72 countries.
Mahamadou’s education background includes Civil engineering, Master of Applied Sciences in Environmental Sanitation and a Ph.D. in Applied Structural Engineering.
Mahamadou received numerous honorific distinctions/medals for his works, with the recent one being the “Chevalier de l’Ordre National” medal of Burkina Faso.