YOO Young-rok 유영록
Gimpo City 김포시
Mayor 시장
Yoo Young-rok is an administrator specialized in Urban Public Administration. In 2010 he was elected mayor of Gimpo City, his hometown, and is now serving a second term after being reelected. He graduated from the Department of Philosophy at Sogang University (Bachelor of Literature, 1988), and the Graduate School of Public Policy at Sogang University (Master of Public Administration, 2002). He completed the Doctor’s Course at the University of Seoul Department of Urban Administration (2009) and the Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Administration (2011). He was chairman of the Gyeonggi Provincial Council Planning Committee as a reelected Council member. He was also adviser of the Roh Moo-hyun government’s Presidential Committee on Balanced National Development, an adviser of the Democratic Policy Research Institution, chairman of the Wide Area Special Traffic Committee in the Gyeonggi Province branch of the New Politics Alliance for Democracy and adviser of the Democratic Policy Research Institution. He is currently Gyeonggi Province chairman of the Korean Association of Lifelong Learning Cities.

유영록 김포시장은 공공정책과 도시행정 전문가이며, 2010년부터 고향인 김포 시장을 2기째 연임하고 있다. 서강대학교 철학과 졸업했고(1988), 서강대학교 공공정책대학원에서 행정학 석사학위를 받았다(2002년) 서울시립대학원 도시행정학과 박사과정을 수료했고(2009), 서울대학교 행정대학원을 수료했다(2011). 두차례 경기도 도의원을 지내면서 경기도의회 기획위원회 위원장을 지냈고, 대통령자문 국가균형발전위원회 자문위원, 민주당 정책연구원 자문위원, 새정치민주연합 경기도당 광역교통대책특별위원장등을 역임했다. 현재 전국평생학습도시협의회 경기도 회장을 맡고 있다