ALFELOR Madelaine Yorobe 마델레인 요로비 아펠러
Iriga City, The Phillipines 필리핀 이리가시
Mayor 시장
Madelaine Yarobe Alfelor is Female Mayor of Iriga City. She is the mayor who has a big concern in Disaster Risk Reduction. As one of the capital city in the Philippines who always pass by hurricane and tornado. Iriga City has lost many things because of the effect of the disaster. One of the reasons, she was active in Disaster Risk Reduction Forum and Organization. Iriga City citizen has good knowledge in every kind of disaster. Therefore they have fast disaster recovery process. Iriga City received many awards and recognition both national and international not only from disaster management and recovery process but also from tourism. Iriga City has many good places for tourism and business sectors. Connecting all business permit in One Place and with Integrated IT system is one of her achievement. She also concerns with Local Economic Development, as many his citizen was work in fisheries and tourism. Involving local expert and local communities to learn new skills that support their jobs, and also open opportunities young citizen to have skills for future and put away them from drugs. She is also empowering female citizens to market their creativity for tourism.

마델레인 요로비 아펠러는 Iriga City의 시장으로 재해 위험 감소에 큰 관심을 가지고 있다. Iriga City는 허리케인과 토네이도가 항상 지나가는 필리핀의 수도 중 하나이기 때문에 신속한 재해 복구 프로세스를 가지고 있으며 시장으로서 다양한 국제회의에서 Iriga City의 사례를 공유하고 있다. 그녀의 주요 성과 중 하나는 온라인 통합 사업허가 시스템이며 어업과 관광을 통한 지역경제개발에 관심이 많다.