WONDWOSEN Menen 메멘 원두워슨
Alcohol in Society Campaigns, Diageo Diageo 음주운전방지캠페인
Global Head 글로벌 헤드
Ms. Menen Wondwosen obtained her masters degree from Columbia University and was a chief of staff at Management System International from 2006 to 2009 in Iraq and the US. She worked as a research officer at the Center for Development Consulting in Ethiopia and as a consultant at TechnoServe in Ethiopia and the US before she joined Diageo. She joined Diageo as a corporate relations director in Ethiopia from 2012. She started work as the global head of alcohol in society campaigns at Diageo in US from 2014. She leads alcohol education programs globally in Diageo’s 21 markets by developing and executing the company’s strategy to reduce harmful drinking. She coordinates industry efforts to reduce drunk driving, underage consumption, heavy episodic drinking and other alcohol-related harm, particularly in developing markets. She manages and oversees a robust communication plan to ensure Diageo is recognized as a leader and a trusted partner of civil society and government in tackling the misuse of alcohol.

Menen Wondwosen은 Columbia University에서 석사 학위를 취득했으며, 이라크와 미국에서 Management System International, 에티오피아의 Center for Development Consulting, 테크노 서브의 에티오피아와 미국 사무소에서 근무했다. 그녀는 2012년부터 디아지오에서 근무를 시작하여 2014년부터 음주운전방지 캠페인의 글로벌 헤드로로 일하기 시작하여 과음방지 및 음주운전 방지에 대한 전략을 수립하고 캠페인을 열고 있다.