LEE Sun-Jin 이선진
Institute for East Asia Studies(SIEAS), Sogang University 서강대학교 동아연구소
research professor 연구교수
LEE, Sun-Jin is a retired ambassador of Korea. He graduated from Seoul National University, Seoul Korea, in 1975. He had served the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Korea from 1975 to 2008. His last position was Deputy Foreign Minister for the Policy Planning and International Organizations, MOFA (at home) and Ambassador to Indonesia. In addition, he had been posted to the Korean diplomatic missions in the USA, China (Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong), and Japan.

He currently works with the Institute for East Asia Studies(SIEAS), Sogang University as a research professor while having lectured at the Graduate School of International Studies, Sogang University since 2009 and also Seoul National University since 2014. He has devoted himself to academic researches and writings on the topics of the regionalism in East Asia. In particular, he is interested in the economic integration in Southeast Asia such as the ASEAN Economic Community, the Greater Mekong Sub-region, and border trades between China and ASEAN.

이선진, 전 주인도네시아 대사 (최종 본부 직책, 외교부 외교정책실장).2008년 외교부 퇴직 후 대학 강의 (한림대학교, 서강대학교, 서울대학교).현재 서강대학교 국제대학원(GSIS)과 서울대학교 정치외교학부에서 강의. 강의 주제는 동아시아 지역주의 (GSIS)와 동남아 정치와 외교 (서울대). 동남아 지역 통합, ASEAN-중국 관계 등에 관한 저서 및 논문 다수