CHO Dong-Sung 조동성
Seoul National University
Dr. Cho Dong-Sung is Visiting Professor of Strategy at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business and Professor Emeritus of Strategy, International Business, Management Design,
and Sustainability Management at Seoul National University.

He previously taught at Harvard Business School, INSEAD, the Helsinki School of Economics, the University of Tokyo, Hitotsubashi University, the University of Michigan, Duke University, Peking University, Zhejiang University and Nankai University. He has also received Honorary Doctoral Degrees from Inje University, Busan and Aalto University, Helsinki.

At Seoul National University, he was Dean of the College of Business Administration, 2001-2003 and Dean of the Graduate School of International and Area Studies, 1999-2001. He also served Seoul National University as the Founding Managing Director of the SNU Development Foundation, a pioneer for fundraising in Korea. He was President of the Korean Academic Society of Business Administration, the flagship organization in Korea representing 87 academic societies in business administration. He also chaired the Korean Association of Academic Societies, the umbrella organization of 651 academic societies that encompass humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, and others.

Professor Cho has served on the board of directors for 15 multinational companies and research organizations, including Kia Motors, Dongyang Securities, Korea Tire, and Korea Electric Power Corporation and has advised companies ranging from Samsung and LG to Korean Air and Kookmin Bank.

He was Commissioner of the Korea Trade Commission 2002-2005, Chair of the Committee for Government Innovation Management 2005-2007, and Co-Chair of the Committee for Synergistic Cooperation between Big and Small Corporations jointly with the Prime Minister of Korea 2006-2008. He was the standing member of the Presidential Council for National Competitiveness of Korea, and chaired the Sub-committee for Regulation Reform within the Council 2008-2013.

In 2007, the President of Korea awarded him the Order of Service Merit - Yellow Stripes, the second highest order given to any government officers. He also received the Presidential Honor in 2004 and the Order of Industrial Merit in 2000 from the government. The academic society has repeatedly recognized him for his scholastic works, such as the Economist Award by Maeil Economic Daily, the Award for Free Economics Publication Culture by the Federation of Korean Industries, and the Best Book of the Year in Economics/Business by Korea Management Association.

He chairs the Korea Support Committee for the International Vaccine Institute, the UN-created research lab for vaccines needed for children in developing countries. He is on the Board of Directors at both the Korea National Opera Company and the Korea Professional Football League. He is Director General of the Ahn Jung Geun Memorial & Museum, Chairman of the National Nature Trust, an Honorary Consul General of Finland in Korea, and Chairman of the Institute of K-Brand Promotion.

조동성(趙東成) 인천대학교 총장
▶ 1949年 生
▶ 71 서울대학교 상과대학 경영학과 졸업
▶ 76 미국 매서츄세츠주 하버드 경영대학원 경영학박사
▶ 78 미국 펜실베니아주 걸프오일 회사 본사기획실 근무(국제전략계획 담당)
▶ 78 미국 펜실베니아주 피츠버그대학교 경영대학 객원교수
▶ 83 일본 아세아 경제연구소 초청연구원
▶ 83 미국 매서츄세츠주 하버드 경영대학원 초청부교수
▶ 85 프랑스 구주경영대학원(INSEAD) 초청교수
▶ 88 서울대학교 기획부실장
▶ 90 스리랑카공화국 국제무역 자문관
▶ 90 재단법인 서울대학교발전기금 상임이사
▶ 92 일본 동경대학, 히토츠바시대학 초청교수
▶ 93 산업정책연구원 원장
▶ 92 핀랜드 헬싱키경제경영대학 초청교수 (매년 여름학기)
▶ 94 혼두라스 상무성 해외투자 자문관
▶ 94 호주 시드니 경영대학원 초청교수
▶ 96 미국 미시건대학 초청교수
▶ 98 미국 듀크대학 초청교수
▶ 98 금융감독위원회 기업구조조정위원회 위원
▶ 99 Vice President, Academy of International Business(AIB)
▶ 99 서울대학교 국제지역원 원장 *
▶ 01 서울대학교 경영대학 학장 *
▶ 01 한국무역위원회 위원
▶ 03 한국 CEO 포럼 공동대표
▶ 04 미국 듀크대학 초청교수
▶ 04 한국경영학회 회장
▶ 05 한국학술단체총연합회 (학총) 회장
▶ 06 정부혁신관리위원회 위원장
▶ 06 대중소기업상생협력위원회 공동의장
▶ 78 서울대학교 경영대학 교수 *(경영전략, 국제경영학, 국제자원론, 경영디자인 담당)
▶ 03 윤경 포럼 공동대표
▶ 04 핀란드 한국주재 명예총영사
▶ 06 지속경영학회 회장
▶ 06 한국복제전송권협회 이사장
▶ 13 자연환경국민신탁 이사장(現)
▶ 14 국가브랜드진흥원 이사장
▶ 14 북경 장강경영대학원 전략담당 전임교수(現)
▶ 14 서울대학교 경영대학 명예교수
▶ 인천대학교 총장(現)