SUH Bo-hyuk 서보혁
Korea Institute for National Unification 통일연구원
Research Fellow 연구위원
서보혁은 통일연구원 평화연구실 연구위원이고, 서울대 통일평화연구원 연구교수와 국가인권위원회 전문위원 등을 역임했다. 대북정책에 관해 오랜 기간 정부 및 비정부기구에 자문을 해오고 있다. 최근 저작으로 『평화경제의 비전과 추진방향』(공저), 『분쟁의 평화적 전환과 한반도』(공편), 『한국인의 평화사상 1, 2』(공편), 『한국 평화학의 탐구』, 『분단폭력: 한반도 군사화에 관한 평화학적 성찰』, 『평화운동: 이론·역사·영역』(공편), 『세계평화사상사』(공저), 『한반도 평화체제 관련 쟁점과 이행방안』(공저) 등이 있다.

Dr. Bo-hyuk Suh is a Research Fellow of the Peace Research Division at the Korea Institute for National Unification (KINU). Dr. Suh was research professor at the Institute for Peace and Unification Studies (IPUS) of Seoul National University, and an expert adviser on the North Korean human rights at the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK). Dr. Suh majors in political science, especially in the peace and human rights issue in the context of protracted conflict. He has been advising governmental and non-governmental organizations on South Korea’s North Korea policy. His recent writings include The Vision and Direction of Peace Economy (Edited, Korean, 2020), Peace Studies from Korean Perspectives (Coedited, Korean, 2019), Peaceful Transition of Conflicts and Korean Peninsula (Coedited, Korean, 2020), Korean Peace Thoughts Ⅰ, Ⅱ (Coedited, Korean, 2018), North Korean Human Rights: Crafting a More Effective Framework (2016), Division Violence (Coedited, Korean, 2016), and Asia-Pacific between Conflict and Reconciliation (Co-authorship, 2016).