JANG I-Ji 장이지
Jeju National University 제주대학교
Poet/Professor 시인/교수
장이지(張怡志)는 성균관대학교 국어국문학과와 同 대학원 석․박사 과정을 졸업하였고, 2000년 『현대문학』 신인 추천으로 등단하였다. 시집 『안국동울음상점』(2007), 『연꽃의 입술』(2011), 『라플란드 우체국』(2013), 『레몬옐로』(2018), 『해저의 교실에서 소년은 흰 달을 본다』(2020), 시선집 『안국동울음상점1.5』(2020), 평론집 『환대의 공간』(2013), 『콘텐츠의 사회학』(2015), 『세계의 끝, 문학』(2017) 등을 출간했다. 김구용시문학상, 오장환문학상 등을 수상했다. 현재 제주대학교 국어국문학과 부교수이다.

Jang I-Ji graduated from the Department of Korean Language and Literature of Sungkyunkwan University and earned his master’s and doctorate degrees from the graduate school at the same university. He made his entrance into the Korean literature in 2000 by publishing his work with Hyundae Munhak, a literature magazine, as a new writer. He has published several collections of poems: Anguk-dong Crying Store (2007), Lotus Lips (2011), Lapland Post Office (2013), Lemon Yellow (2018), and A Boy Is Looking at the White Moon from a Classroom Under the Sea (2020). He also published a collection of selected poems, Anguk-dong Crying Store 1.5 (2020), and several review books, including The Space of Hospitality (2013), Sociology of Content (2015), and The End of the World, Literature (2017). He has won the Kim Goo-yong Poetry Award and the Oh Jang-hwan Literary Award. He is currently an associate professor of the Department of Korean Literature and Language at Jeju National University.