EUN Hee-kyung 은희경

Novelist 소설가
1995년 동아일보 신춘문예로 등단. 장편소설 <새의 선물> <마지막 춤은 나와 함께> <마이너리그> <소년을 위로해줘> <태연한 인생> <빛의 과거> 등과 단편소설집 <타인에게 말 걸기> <상속> <아름다움이 나를 멸시한다> <다른 모든 눈송이와 아주 비슷하게 생긴 단 하나의 눈송이> <중국식 룰렛>, 산문집 <생각의 일요일들> 등을 냈다. 영어, 프랑스어, 독일어, 스페인어, 러시아어, 일본어, 베트남어, 중국어로 작품이 번역되었다. 이상문학상, 한국소설문학상, 한국일보문학상, 동인문학상, 황순원문학상, 오영수문학상 등 수상. 한국문학번역원, 국립한국문학관 이사를 지냈다.

Eun Hee-kyoung made her professional debut by winning the annual spring literary contest of the Dong-A Ilbo in 1995. The novels that she has published include A Gift From a Bird, Save the Last Dance for Me, Minor League, Let Me Comfort the Boy, A Life of Calm, and Past of Light. Her other works include several stories, such as Talking to a Stranger, Inheritance, Beauty Looks Down on Me, The One and Only Snowflake that Looked Like All the Others, and Chinese Roulette, as well as a prose collection Sundays of Thought. Her works have been translated into English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese. She has won the Yi San Literary Award, the Korean Literary Award for Fiction, the Hanguk Ilbo Literary Award, the Dong-in Literary Award, the Hwang Soon-won Literary Award, and the Oh Young-soo Literary Award. She has also served as director for both the Literature Translation Institute of Korea and the National Museum of Korean Literature.