CHUA Calvin 캘빈 추아
Kangwon Development Initiative, Choson Exchange 조선익스체인지
Head 강원개발프로그램 매니저
Calvin Chua is an architect and urban planner working at the intersection of design, planning and advocacy. Calvin is currently leading the Choson Exchange Kangwon Development Initiative, analyzing current development trends in the region and exploring possibilities for future inter-Kangwon collaboration. Calvin has led ground-breaking capacity building programmes and research on special economic zones and urban development in the DPRK. Recognised as one of the leading voices on Korean peninsula issue, Calvin’s expert opinions have been featured in multiple news media, including CNN, Reuters and New York Times, etc. Calvin also sits on board the Korea Institute of Architects Inter-Korea Committee. Parallel to his involvement with Choson Exchange, Calvin leads Spatial Anatomy, a design practice specialising in architecture, urban design and strategic planning. He also concurrently serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Singapore University of Technology and Design.