PARK Seokjoon 박석준
Seoul Youth Policy Network 서울청년정책네트워크
Co-chairperson 공동운영위원장, 대통령직속 국가교육회의 청년특별위원장
Park Seokjoon was born in 1987 when was established on the Korean democracy today and has been grown up in Seoul. In his school days, he was interested in the problems of education inequality and founded a non-profit organization(Ggumjirak Network). While he prepared the educational facility for next generation and operated the programs where he had been grown up, he believed that enhancement of citizens’ capability would solve the problems of inequality, fundamentally.

In 2014 when Sewol ferry disaster was occurred, he organized “Youth Council” that was elected by the youth directly so as to apply the voice of to the policies. Continuing the activities to promote the growth of democratic citizens by realization of democracy in the daily life, he became a co-chairperson of “Seoul Youth Policy Network,” which was a governance platform for the youth policies in 2020.
With recognized activities as the above, he is currently working as a special chairperson of the youth under “Presidential Education Committee” to establish the mid-to-long-term educational policies in Korea.

박석준은 1987년 8월 14일 서울 금천 출생으로 지역의 교육문제 해결에 관심을 가지고 비영리사단법인 꿈지락네트워크를 조직하여 활발한 활동을 하였다. 박석준은 지역의 인적 · 물적 네트워크를 연계하고 협력하여 문제를 해결하고자 노력하였으며, 민주시민교육을 강조하였다. 청년시민으로서도 사회참여에 적극적이었던 그는 현재 서울청년정책네트워크 공동운영위원장으로 활동하고 있다. 그는 사회문제에 대한 일상적 관심과 참여활동이 우리 사회의 불평등 문제를 해소하고 시민의 권익을 향상시킨다고 믿으며, 특히 미래세대의 목소리가 사회적 의사결정에 적극 반영될 수 있도록 노력하고 있다. 박석준은 대통령직속 국가교육회의 청년특별위원장으로도 활동 중이다.