LEE Jung 이정

Musician 가수
Lee Jung is a musician and entertainer. Lee debuted in 2002 as a member of the group ‘7Dayz’ and released his first solo album ‘Never Again’ in 2003. He became famous for his outstanding musicality as well as his unique voice and singing skills with his songs such as ‘Sigh’, ‘Breaking Up’, ‘Do It Tomorrow’, and ‘Don’t Make Me Cry’. He formed the production team ‘5 o’clock’ with whom he wrote the music and lyrics for hit songs such as ‘We Loved So’ and ‘Beautiful Day’. He is now active as an all-round entertainer producing and performing music as well as winning fans with his TV appearances.

2002년 그룹 세븐데이즈(7Dayz)로 데뷔한 이정은 2003년 ‘다신’이라는 곡으로 솔로 데뷔를 했다. 한숨만, 헤어지는 일, 내일해, 날 울리지마 등 주옥 같은 히트곡을 발매하여, 그만의 매력과 색깔을 확실히 지닌 독보적인 보이스와 가창력으로 대중들에게 음악성을 인정받았다. 또한, 프로듀싱팀 파이브어클락(5 o’clock)을 결성해 ‘같이 사랑했는데’, ‘Beautiful Day’ 등 히트곡을 작사, 작곡을 하는 프로듀서로도 활발히 활동하고 있으며, 음악 활동뿐만 아니라 예능부터 연기까지, 다양한 매력을 뽐내며 만능 엔터테이너로 꾸준히 활동하고 있다.