SAVOSTENKO Valerii A. 발레리 사보스텐코
Far Eastern Federal University, Russia 러시아 극동대학교
Associate Professor 도시건축 교수
From an early age I have interest in art and developing international relations. When I studied in Department of architecture FESTU, started to participate in the creation of Sister Cities Friendship Parks movement: Vladivostok, Russia (1994-1995), San Diego, USA (1998), Yantai, China (2001), Tijuana, Mexico (2004), Jeju Island, South Korea (2010).
Initiated construction of the north wing of Friendship Park in Vladivostok in 1996.
Continue international activities aimed at peaceful relations through architecture and art – interaction with embassies, presentations at schools, University, Rotary club. Taught architecture at Dankook University 2009 – 2012 and organized the participation of one Dankook student in the construction of the Park in Jeju. Since 1995 played as leader of Sister Cities Parks participants from Vladivostok. At the present time Director of Pacific Rim Park Organization in Vladivostok.