HANSCH Philippe 필립 한쉬
Center Mondial de la PAIX-verdun, France 프랑스 베르됭 세계평화센터
Director 센터장
Since 2013, Philippe HANSCH is the Director of the World Center for Peace, Liberties and Human Rights that is located in Verdun (France).

Verdun, a city/place well-known for its battle during the first World War is an international location for Memory and History. The World Center for Peace develops programs to explain international relationships, and how peace processes are possible.

With advanced diplomas in public law and from the High Institute for French Defense, Philippe HANSCH began his service as a teacher (Economy, Rights). He joined in 2005 the staff of the Region Grand Est. He was at first in charge of communication, then he became Director for public polities for Education, including programs for Memory.

Now, he is in charge of the strategy of the World Center for Peace. This work includes the development of exhibitions, partnerships and events. He has built major partnerships with the French Presidency, the European Union, the United Nations, and other several international leaders and organizations.

Philippe HANSCH was honored with the French and German Friendship Prize in 2015 and with the European Citizen Prize in 2018. He has also worked with the French Foreign Affairs Ministry (Kaboul 2014, Bogota 2017).

Publications : Le Geste de Verdun (Gesture of Verdun) : 2014 ; Les Artisans de la Paix (Peace Makers) - 2016