PARK Myung-kyu 박명규
Seoul National University 서울대학교
Professor 교수
서울대학교 사회학과 교수. 역사사회학, 한국사회사, 남북관계, 민족주의, 개념사 등을 연구하고 있다. 서울대학교에서 박사학위를 받았으며 미국의 하바드―옌칭연구소, UC버클리, UC어바인, 스탠포드, 독일 베를린 자유대학 등에서 연구했다. 육군사관학교와 전북대 교수를 역임했고, 2006년부터 2016년까지 서울대 통일평화연구원장을 지냈다.

Myoung-kyu Park is a professor of sociology at Seoul National University, Korea. He has previously been a President of the KSA (Korean Sociological Association, 2017), the Director of the Institute for Peace and Unification Studies (IPUS, 2006-2016) and Social Development Research Institute (2002-2004), Chairman of the History and Society Editorial Board (2002-2004), and President of the Korean Social History Association (2002-2004). He is working as an editor in chief of the Asian Journal of Peacubuilding. His research fields are; social history, sociology of nation and national identity, inter-Korean relations, conceptual history, and sociology of religion. He got Ph.D. from Seoul National University. His career includes; visiting fellow at Harvard-Yenching Institute (1989-1990), visiting scholar at University of California, Irvine (1998-1999), visiting professor at University of California, Berkeley (2003-2004), and international scholar fellow at Humanities Center of Stanford University (2015).
He wrote several books and articles including; Sociology of Borderline in Inter-Korean Relations, Seoul: Changbi Co. (in Korean, 2012); North Korean Diaspora, (co-author work) Seoul: IPUS (in Korean, 2011); EU and North Korea: Humanitarianism or Business? (co-edited by Bernard Selliger and Sung-Jo Park), Germany: LIT (in English, 2010).